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Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Thinking ahead

I'm not normally one to set new years resolutions because let's face it they never last. I am however going to set myself some small goals, which I'm going to work on.
1. Eat healthier - aim for 3-4 portions of fruit & veg a day in the short term and 5 in the long term
2. Drink more - I never drink enough and reckon I must live in a constant state of dehydration
3. Remember to take medication - ok, I've never had a great memory for taking medication but I'll do my best
4. Take a vitamin supplement every day - I know the jury is still out on whether they help or not, but I'm going to try anyway
5. Get 7 hours sleep a night - I've always found 8 hours a bit too much, but I should be able to manage 7
6. Pamper myself
7. Learn to relax - maybe some meditation perhaps? Definitely, build some relaxation into every day
8. Learn to reply more on God to sort out my worries
9. Make time to exercise - start with 30 minutes 3 times a week
10. Lose weight - If I can successfully do the above then losing weight should be easier.
11. Keep a tidier house - do my chores every day and make sure I keep on top of things better.

I'll update on my progress once a week on a Wednesday/Thursday.Just click the badge in my sidebar - the one which looks like this...

What are your goals for 2011?

Today is my first day back to work since I got sick the week before Christmas. I have instructions to go straight to Occupational Health to see if I'm fit for work and to see what they can do for me. I seriously doubt they can do ANYTHING for me, but I guess I'll turn up and wait to be told that. It's not that I'm cynical or anything, it's just that I've worked in Occupational Health for a stint when I was a nurse and I really, genuinely don't think there's anything they can help me with...not that my own doctor/nurse don't already have in hand anyway. 


le@thirdontheright said...

these are great goals - well done - I will be keen to see your progress - best le

Amanda said...

Great goals. Remember - baby steps!

Michelle said...

These sound great Louise. I'm sending you something to help with #11.

Jennifer said...

I have similar goals to yours :)I love #2...and while I am sure you meant water I read wine the first time through! LOL! I do think that writing down and posting your goals are big steps to success with your goals...I think this is a great idea. Good Luck.

Adori Graphics said...

LOL Jen you're way too funny! I don't drink alcohol as a rule, so it's safe to assume I don't mean wine LOL.

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