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Monday, 17 January 2011

Officially fit :)

Big news today, I was FINALLY officially signed back to work full time. No more half days...aka no more doing more work in less time! And less stress for me!

Phased returns to work are great if you're well supported but unfortunately sometimes people fail to understand the concept...meaning that you end up with the same amount of work as the rest of your team even though you're only there half the time. I now have a HUGE backlog to get through and looks like I'll be working from home some weekends to catch up...not good. Still it was a kind offer even though it didn't quite go as planned.

I've been suffering terrible insomnia over the last few weeks. I'm only getting max 3 hours a night and it's driving me nuts! Even with a good dose of Sominex (not taken EVERY night, just weekend to see if I can catch up on some sleep a little) - I still only get max 5 or 6 hours. Last night I finally dropped off after 3.30am...woke at 4.30am for the loo...was woken at 5.30am by Andy going to the loo and the alarm went off at 6.45am. It's insane! I feel all hyped up all the time like I'm on speed and I'm quite sure the cause is one of my new meds. I've had it before and I seem to remember it taking a couple of months to get used to it.

Well, must go catch up on some chores...have a nice evening people :)


Amanda said...

Congrats! Glad to know you are back at work. So different to my experience the other year! Lettuce before bed is great for insomnia... not tried it but it is meant to work. Try bath and milky drink? Peppermint tea is good too.

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