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Thursday, 13 January 2011

A change in thinking?

Normally when I've had a week where I've gained a pound - despite being good - I would have a "throw in the towel" attitude. You know that kind of self-defeating attitude where you just think "sod it - I've failed now so I might as well really fail".

So tonight I got home and found that dinner was ruined. I had set the slow cooker too high and my Caribbean chicken sauce was burnt and soupy. Andy took one look and suggested I just turn it into a soup. Fine, it was a good suggestion considering - and it saves me thinking what to make at the weekend for lunches. However it also left us in a position of me already making one meal and not wanting to make another.

By this point Andy was clearly fishing about in the take away menu drawer and was obviously hankering after a pizza. Straight away I'm thinking "damage limitation". I mean, I don't want to say no without looking into the possibilities, but I don't want to blow my points either. So I get the Eating Out guide out of the cupboard and had a look through the McDonalds menu (figuring our local burger place was probably similar points wise) and figured I could get a burger and chips and still have 6 points left over.  Great we're both happy, Andy gets his take away and I get to keep within my points...though I am a little concerned about the salt as I try to keep my salt intake low...and I already had halloumi for lunch.

So, what do you think? Big fail? Or successful damage limitation? I honestly feel like it was a change in thinking.


Jennifer said...

I'll agree with the damage limitation line of thinking. I hate the idea of being on a diet, but clearly I needed to rethink how and what I ate. I have come to realize, like you, that it's a string of decisions and sometimes even with the best plans and intentions things work out differently. I applaud your ability to shift your thinking and accommodate rather than throw in the towel :)

Adori Graphics said...

That's exactly it Jen, life has a habit of getting in the way sometimes. I think we just need to re-think how we can adapt to it sometimes :)

lulu said...

Yeh I think you did great, I have to keep a low sodium intake and have a strict water allowance...its terribly hard to control but I know the results are worth it if I actively seek to keep happy and well at the same time :-) Shame about the caribbean chicken. I tried to make some this week that ended up burnt and was most yucky! :-)

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