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Thursday, 6 January 2011

A slow start to the week

Well, I went back to work yesterday, just 3.5 hours in the afternoon and it went ok. I felt really tired by the time I cam home though so I'm hoping to sleep well tonight.

My manager made me go to Occupational Health on my return to see if I really was fit to return to work. I went with the offer of working 2 half days and then all day Friday - and back to full time next week. She heard about my surgery and complications and then looked shocked that I was back at work so soon. And why WAS I back so soon? Well evidently my GP thinks I'm fit for work, so I'm back at work. Then she told me people usually have 4-6 weeks off work after this surgery - and that's presuming no complications at all. Now I feel like my GP has given me a REALLY rough he trying to kill me LOL. Anyway, she has recommended to HR that I do half days this week and then go in on Monday morning for another assessment and to plan my hours for next week. It was quite a nice surprise to find an occupational health nurse who actually came up with a useful plan!

At least I have some reassurance that I can just ease back to work at my own pace, which is always a good thing following surgery when you're not quite sure what your limits are.


Amanda said...

Glad to hear it. Slowly does it and you'll be successful. Just don't rush yourself - it really isn't worth it.

Madison said...

Just do what you can, when you can. :)

lulu said...

Taking it easy is never easy huh but it will put you in good stead :-)

Adori Graphics said...

Oh I think I might be getting used to taking it easier now....I think I'm having to LOL

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