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Saturday, 15 January 2011

Feeling stressed

I'm not whinging honest, I just need to talk to my blog LOL.

I've been feeling so stressed over the last couple of work and at home. At work I am doing more work (to clear the backlog from when I was off sick in Dec/Jan) in less time, since Occupation Health still don't think I'm fit enough to work full time. The trouble is that while I'm off work nobody is doing my work at work PLUS I'm still getting more work coming in while I'm not there. Phased returns to work are great if somebody is doing your work while your away - or even just stopping NEW work coming in - but that's not happening! I have to be reassessed on Monday and if Occupational Health still don't think I'm fit I'm going to tell that not to worry because I'll soon be off sick with a stress problem anyway. Sheesh, how can people expect you to do more work in less time? How can people expect you to meet the same deadlines as everyone else when you're working half as many hours? People just don't think! Grrrrr

At home I am fed up of doing everything and having hubby pull a face and have attitude when I ask him to do something. Today I have cleaned the upstairs bathroom, had a tidy up in every room of the house, changed the towels in the house, cleaned the kitchen (including cooker and microwave), emptied the dishwasher, made lunch and dinner, mopped the kitchen floor and hoovered and dusted the ground floor of the house - oh and taken the rubbish out. All I asked Andy to do was his regular chore (laundry), empty the dishwasher and mop the bathroom floor. I had attitude such that I felt like saying STUFF IT I'll do it on my own! He gets away with it in the week because I get home from work before him but at the weekend I think he should do his share!

And after all that I still have graphics to do - a HUGE pile of graphics which has been building up since I was sick in december.

Everything just seems to be building up today. And I am fed up of food preparation! It's ok trying to eat healthy but guess who ends up preparing it all?

End of rant. Feel free to vent yourself in the comments :)


Deb said...

No venting here...just offering up a little prayer for you. You have way too much on your plate, sweet lady. Take care of yourself, 'cause nobody else is gonna!!! Love you!

Amanda said...

Feel for you hun! Now my thumb is on the mend the old ways are creeping back here. Wish I was nearer so that we could share a pot of tea.

Adori Graphics said...

Thanks so much Deb, I am trying to take care of myself. Thanks for the prayer xxx

Amanda I soooo wish you were near me. We WILL meet up this year...we should really set a date!

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