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Monday, 26 October 2009

Have your eating habits changed due to the recession?

I keep reading on the news that our eating habits are changing due to the recession. According to the news reports, we are generally eating out less, but eating more take aways.We're also switching our food choices at the supermarket for lower cost ones such as downgrading from "supermarket's best" to regular or from regular to "smart price" or budget ranges.

I can certainly vouch for this. Me and Andy used to eat out at least once a week before he lost his it's maybe once a month or less, but we have a takeaway from the local Chinese take away once a week. At first, when we started doing this, I kind of threw a tantrum and paddied a bit. I liked how we could dine out whenever we it the positive side of not being able to have kids LOL. But actually I'm quite enjoying eating my take-away in front of the TV, in my cosy winter PJs.

The reports also seem to say more people are going to all you can eat restaurants. Until recently there have been few of them about, but they do seem have exploded in numbers lately....maybe with a corresponding increase in people's waist sizes LOL. Personally I avoid these for hygeine reasons, but also because as a fat person, I feel liek everyone is watching what I'm eating, so I tend to hold back and only get 1 small plate, meaning that I don't tend to get good value for money. I wonder if I'm the only fat person that does that? Maybe I'm just paranoid, but you'll never see me making a pig of myself in public. According to this report, the average number of plates eaten at Taybarns (like Golden Correl) is 3.37. Now call me a wimp, but even I couldn't fit that in, so I'm wondering how people who don't normally pig out are fitting that in....ok, I digress...

As for the supermarket choices, well we watched an interesting program on TV about 2 families who downgraded their food choices and had to survive off supermarket budget range food. At that time we were buying all regular brand, with some supermarket brands and some of the luxury brand foods like "Tesco Finest". Anyway, in the TV program, the family said they couldn't really taste the difference at all, so that spurred me and Andy into trying out some of Asda (Wallmart) budget range. We did come across some really awful items in this range, such as basically anything with processed meat and their fruit yogurts...but many of them such as the pita breads and natural yogurt were the same as the regular range. And in the case of the chicken, it tasted BETTER and had a nicer texture than the regular range, that was a complete surprise. We'll never buy the regular chicken again.

So talk to me, I'm interested in this. How have your food habits changed? Are you eating in more? Have you downgraded your food choices? Would you consider downgrading?

Sunday, 25 October 2009

Halloween plans

I can't believe how quick the week has gone since we came back from London. Andy had a job interview on Friday which would be absolutel perfect for him, so I'm hoping this is the one. He'd really love it and the location is like 1 mile away. We don't know what the salary would be but, who cares? Money isn't everything.

And onto next weekend, I have my sister (and possibly her housemate) coming down from Scotland at the weekend. I'm sooooo looking forward to this. We have a children's choir from Africa visiting our church this Saturday and they're supposed to be REALLY good! So we'll all be going there on Saturday night...what better? Spending Halloween in church...heck I don't even need to buy any Halloween sweeties for all the kids LOL.

What are your Halloween plans?

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

I think I just had my wake up call

So I was looking through some f my favourite blogs this morning and I came across one of my favourites, April Showers blog design. Now I know its bad business sense maybe to mention other blog designers, when I also offer designs, but I just have to mention this one. She is different. Her blog is funny and from the heart - and she's genuine. Also she doesn't delete my comments (although she never responds either) like other designers generally do...although I try hard not to comment for obvious reasons.

Well the day before yesterday, at the tender age of 28, her husband had a heart attack. He's in ICU and I pray to God that the recovery is going well. But the fact that he's only 28 and her 24...well I can't get that out of my mind. For one thing my heart aches (scuse the pun) that 2 such young people are having to deal with this, but also I know that I have abused my body and generally not taken care of it for many years. I don't know why but I've kind of always had the thought that actually I probably am going to die of a heart atack one day and seemed resigned to that fate....I don't know, it's hard to explain...obviously I don't want to die. I guess I feel helpess from all the trying and failing to lose weight and get fit.

Anyway, I think I just had my wake up call :(

I doubt April will read this, but if you do then know that I am praying so hard for you guys. Anyone else reading, could I ask that you say a quick prayer for April and her hubby, and maybe go leave a comment on her blog to give her your support? I'd love you forever if you did :)

In other news, I have posted the next Blogger Uncovered at Adori Graphics....its an interview with myself I'm afraid LOL. But go check it out anyway, I did try to appear less boring than I am in real life LOL.

Sunday, 18 October 2009

Pics galore

Just a few (ok...a LOT) of pics from or recent trip to London. Please don't expect anything spectacular- they were taken wih my rubbish camera and most of them were taken in between the hoards of tourists walking no time for fancy composition or anything :D

The hotel room
(no we didn't have hoards of tourists passing through here by the way LOL)

 Hiddeous looking chair (IMO) but very comfy

Very comfy bed but awful pillows that are so soft they wrap around and suffocate your face :(

I liked how you couldn't really see the office area until you walked behind the bed.

Yes you really can see the person in the bathroom from the comfort of your bed LOL. 

One thing I couldn't figure out was the telephone next to the toilet...I mean....why???
Lots of people on the website had complained about other people in the same room being able to see you on the toilet, but you couldn't at all, I mean the door was frosted glass and there were these curtains everywhere so you couldn't see a thing.

Completely random pics

Dig those prices!
(For a rough guide, multiply the prices here by 1.5 for $US and by 2 for Aus$)

Hi *wave*

 Notice the transparent floor!

The Ferrari Andy's favourite Shop

Hamleys Toy Louise's favourite store :)

A rare glimpse of me and the hubbs - taken at Kensington Roof Gardens

Kensington Roof Gardens

Albert Memorial

Albert Hall/Royal Albert Hall?

Royal College of Music

Natural History Museum

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Winter wardrobe

Well its getting cold here now and I'm being forced to start thinking about my winter wardrobe. I've found 2 jumpers that look like they're going to be really toasty...whatcha reckon?

Thought this one above would be great with jeans - and boy oh boy doesn't it look toasty :)

This one I thought would be good with jeans or some black trousers? The idea was to be able to dress it up or down since I can't really afford a casual AND dressy winter wardrobe. Obviously neither of these tops are suitable for work so that's ANOTHER wardrobe entirely that needs shopping for *sigh*.

Anyone else got their winter woollies out yet? I'd love to see your purchases :)


Agh - wrong blog LOL

Back later :)