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Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Winter wardrobe

Well its getting cold here now and I'm being forced to start thinking about my winter wardrobe. I've found 2 jumpers that look like they're going to be really toasty...whatcha reckon?

Thought this one above would be great with jeans - and boy oh boy doesn't it look toasty :)

This one I thought would be good with jeans or some black trousers? The idea was to be able to dress it up or down since I can't really afford a casual AND dressy winter wardrobe. Obviously neither of these tops are suitable for work so that's ANOTHER wardrobe entirely that needs shopping for *sigh*.

Anyone else got their winter woollies out yet? I'd love to see your purchases :)


Shana said...

I love both of them!!

Michelle said...

I think the red one, paired with dress slacks would be totally acceptable for work. We have been forced to get out our winter woollies as we have been hit by our first snow. We went from 30 C to within 2 weeks -6 C. This is just to start, as being from Canada there is more to come.

The Blog Makeover Girl said...

Gosh Michelle that sounds cold...and here's me complaining LOL. I could wear that red top for work if I'm not working on anything in the lab. So it would be fine for meetings and my desk work - its just a bit too expensive for risking in the lab as we use chemicals that could potential change the colour of the dyes if any splashes get through my lab coat. Its really tricky trying to sort out my work wardrobe as he has to be non revealing, suitable for meetings, suitable for seeing customers and suppliers and then safe for lab work too. Trust me, not much makes the grade *sigh*

The Thompsons said...

I love the top one!

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