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Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Tell Us Tuesday

Tell Us Tuesday is a meme run by Ashley at Everything happens for a Reason. I remember ages ago saying something along the lines of "yeah I'd definitely join in" but unfortunately I just never really got chance...sorry Ashley. Anyway if you like memes then check Ashley's out as it's a great way to have people get to know you better. To join in just go to Ashley's blog and see what today's question is and then go to your blog and write your post. Finally, go back to Ashley's blog and leave the link to your POST on Ashley's McLinky list.

Today's question is What is your job title?? what do you do on a daily basis work wise???

My job title is Materials Engineer...its basically a metallurgist role.

My day to day job involves things like looking at parts that have failed in service and figuring out WHY they broke. It's not a case of just saying "well it broke cos the blade fell off", we have to say what was it about the material or the manufacturing process (or the way the product was used by the consumer) that made that blade fall off. To do that I have a look at it under an electron microscope (as well as doing other tests) at really high magnification and once I've figured out what went wrong I have to write a report saying what went wrong and why.  That's about 80% of my work. The rest of my work includes things like research and development projects and things like that. Oh and I'm also responsible for supporting and training new people on the team such as graduate engineers, placement students, school kids on work experience and apprentices.

I'll call it quits there before you fall asleep.