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Saturday, 6 March 2010

Who wants to see what I've been doing today?

Andy and I decided that today would be a good day for a drive/walk in our local-ish area, so we hopped into the car and drove across the hills outside of Huddersfield to get to....some even bigger hills just outside of Huddersfield. Here's some photos from the trip...I apologise for the quality of them....the rainy/dull weather was bad enough, but ad ontop of that one hungry and impatient woman and......well tis is the result LOL.
On the motorway - the quickest way into the hills. We were only on here for about 4 or 5 miles. See the bridge? Well I have no idea where that goes but I've always wanted to find it and go up there...I bet the views would be fab. To the left of this picture is a reservoir and more hills, to the right is a steep valley.
The first stop was a place called Hollingworth Lake - this was the furthest place on our route, but we were sizing it up for the potential of a summer picnic and walk. This place looked great and we'll definitely be back in the summer.
The birds (at the lake) were funny, but some of them were a bit vicious to each other...pecking and squaking at each other. Second thoughts, maybe this could be the wrong destination for a quiet summer picnic after all LOL.
This picture shows just how cold it is round here....see the lake is still frozen? This lake is about 8 miles from our house.
And here is a photo to make Tonya jealous....see Tonya? It's a border crossing sign LOL.
What amazes me about this area is that you find a really great view and its spoiled by a bloomig great big string of pylons....grrrrrrrrr.
And onwards....another reservoir...
And then a stop at Booth Wood Reservoir, this reservoir is near where we live but we've never stopped here before. This place has some amazing statistics...
But you really wouldn't want to swim here....risk of cardiac arrest the sign says...
Had a nice lunch here. So there you have it....a couple of hours in the life of  Lou & Andy x