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Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Goals for 2011 - update 1

I posted my goals for 2011 earlier and now I can provide a little update on my progress so far. I've been working on these for a week and can proudly declare that I have made some small areas of progress already...woo hoo!

Goal 1. Eat healthier
I'm aiming for 3-4 portions of fruit & veg a day in the short term and 5 in the long term. My appetite still isn't back to normal but I'm doing my best to make sure that when I do eat, it is something of nutritional value. I'm managing to eat at least 1 meal a day now, often 2, and I'm probably eating about half of what I make. That IS actually progress as I wasn't even hungry most of the last 2 weeks. Now I feel hungry, but I just get full too quick. Still, it's progress.

2. Drink more - I never drink enough and reckon I must live in a constant state of dehydration
Actually I'm not doing so well with this one yet, but I'm still working on it.

3. Remember to take medication - ok, I've never had a great memory for taking medication but I'll do my best
I've been doing pretty good with this too, only 1 missed dose. But hey at least I'm getting my health back on track right?

4. Take a vitamin supplement every day - I know the jury is still out on whether they help or not, but I'm going to try anyway
Full marks for this one, altough I did nearly forget once.

5. Get 7 hours sleep a night - I've always found 8 hours a bit too much, but I should be able to manage 7
I'm in bed for 7 hours, does that count? I'm not getting 7 hours sleep for sure, but I've always found that hospital stays rearrange my sleep schedule for a while.

6. Pamper myself
Hmmmmm...not managed this one today, but I've been having a nice relaxing bath most other nights. I'd forgotten how nice it was to just chill out!

7. Learn to relax - maybe some meditation perhaps? Definitely, build some relaxation into every day
I guess this is closely linked to the above. Pampering is relaxing right?

8. Learn to reply more on God to sort out my worries
I have prayed for help with things that are worrying me and that does always make me feel better. It's just that sometimes I get bogged down with worry and forget that I can have help with it!

9. Make time to exercise - start with 30 minutes 3 times a week
Hmmm....not too good at this one either but then it's hard enough just breathing at the moment!

10. Lose weight - If I can successfully do the above then losing weight should be easier.
I've lost 16 pounds from middle December to now. Obviously it's down to illness rather than dieting, but I need to make sure that it doesn't go back on once the appetitie kicks in fully.

11. Keep a tidier house - do my chores every day and make sure I keep on top of things better.
I've been doing great at this, although it has helped working afternoons only!


Amanda said...

WTG! Try doing exercise in a different way and for less time. Any exercise counts - even housework so long as calories are burned!

I know a lot of the weightloss is due to illness but look on it as a quick start to your diet! I know I lost a lot of weight before I realised I was diabetic and it really boosted my diet and fitness regime - still before I found out about the diabetes!

Dan never drank enough water. When he realised how bad that was for him he changed his ways. He now insists on drinking out of an old 1 litre squash bottle so he knows when he's had 2 litres of water. His other drinks over and above are out of glasses.

Keep up the great work.

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