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Sunday, 23 January 2011

Hubby and I went to his works Burns Night supper on Friday. We stayed in a hotel in Sheffield (where he works) and had a great slap up dinner in the evening, followed by a Celidh and free bar. The night was a real bargain...half price executive room...only £5 each for a 4 course drinks all night.  What more could we ask for?

I don't drink so I just nursed my one diet coke for the evening but I think Andy was regretting the alcohol on Saturday morning. He was still over the limit when we woke up (and feeling dodgy) so we skipped breakfast and I had to drive his car home. Of course I got my own back when we got home by being as NOISY as possible. "Sorry dear what did you say?". "Oooooooh your head hurts because I'm vacuuming?". "Don't worry dear I'll be done after the other 10 rooms are done". LOL

I always try to get room pics BEFORE we trash the room but forgot this time. The pics doesn't show the ridiculously high ceiling. Gorgeous traditional styled room...with VERY creaky floorboards.
Ok that was the more upbeat post I was promising!

I have some news on the infection isn't any worse today since yesterday (that I can tell) so hopefully the antibiotics might be working this time since I caught it early. I say *I* because the doctor was utterly useless and I basically had to diagnose myself and tell her what was wrong. Needless to say I won't be seeing her again if I can help it!

So...fingers crossed :)


joan said...

hi great to hear about your burns night celebration and what a fantastic hotel and great rates i am so jealous

joan said...

ps where do you live ? i'm in doncaster

Adori Graphics said...

We live between Huddersfield & Dewsbury now. We used to live fairly near Doncaster (well we had a DN postcode LOL) - lived just outside know...that HUGE power station which makes its own weather system!

Jennifer said...

Sounds like fun...I love having a date away from home with my hubby :)

Tonya @ Live the Adventure said...

Sounds like you had quite the eventful evening! LOL Your hotel room looks lovely- I try to take pictures before we trash a room too, but always forget. But then, by the time my family steps into the room and set our luggage down I guess you could say it's already trashed! LOL Glad to hear that you aren't feeling any worse. I'm still praying for you- for a quite and complete recovery! Blessings!:)

Adori Graphics said...

Jen it was fab and just the break I needed. Andy's workmates were lovely and I'm looking forward to the next do.

Tonya half the time we trash the room too before we get pics and then we have to tidy it up for the pic LOL. Funny how we do these things LOL.

lulu said...

wow! A fiver for a four course meal-woo hoo! My fingers are crossed 4 u hun with the antibs x

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