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Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Agh! (Goals for 2011 - update 2)

Despite sticking to the WW plan pretty well and not going over my points I ended up gaining a pound. I'm not too concerned because I know that I couldn't really have lost 16 pounds of fat last week. The reality is that when we're sick we lose lots of weight but it goes right back on as soon as we start to eat (most of it's fluid). I've been really careful not to let it all go back on again so I'm a little cheesed off even though logically I knew it would happen. The rational side of me is pretty happy because a 1 pound gain still means that I'm 17 pounds lighter than I was at the middle of December. I think it might be better for me to record my weights monthly because any fluid changes will even out over the month. But have I got the willpower to be weighed monthly or will I lose focus?  Is it worth the risk? Maybe I'll continue weekly weights after all. I would like a loss next week however small - at least that way I'm moving in the right direction!


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