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Sunday, 9 January 2011

Mundane ramblings

I took my Christmas look down for Adori Graphics this afternoon and it just feels so stark and naked in there now. I have had a few people say they're missing the cute little Christmassy love birds already but, alas, it just looks strange having a Christmassy blog design at this time of year LOL. I have promised faithfully to have them return in time for Valentines and I've spent some time this afternoon thinking about what I can do for the Valentines design. I didn't get very far...inspiration was sadly lacking. It goes like that sometimes.

I have a million and one projects to do graphics wise, but no energy left to do them today. I just had too many other chores to do today (including grocery shopping and a trip to the pet store) , which sapped all of my energy :(
This is where we go grocery shopping. I hate this place with a passion but I guess grocery shopping is a necessary evil?!
 I'm back at work again tomorrow after only being allowed to work afternoons last week. I have to be re-assessed by Occupational Health again tomorrow morning and then I'll find out what my hours are for next week. I'm hoping to be able to work 2 or 3 full days, if not back to full time. Really I still feel a bit tired and my wound still hurts and feels a bit hard and swollen, but I really need to get back to work full time because...well nobody is doing my work while I'm away! So, when I do finally get back full time I'm going to have a HUGE pile of work to which instead of being low urgency will now be super urgent and I'll have people queueing up at my desk. Soooooo not fun!

Must dash, got an Irish stew in the slow cooker and I need to go check on it. Don't you just love slow cookers? I'm looking for new recipes if anyone knows any nice easy ones :)


Jennifer said...

It's so hard to get back to work after being sick...and I hate that feeling that all of a sudden everything is super important.

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