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Friday, 7 January 2011

One extreme to the other

For the last few weeks my appetite has been sooooo not there. Until yesterday when my stomach seemed to wake up and start demanding some food. I ate dinner (a nice healthy sausage casserole with veggies)...followed by a granary bagel (still hungry). An hour later I was STILL hungry and thinking that, quite frankly, this is ridiculous and I cannot possibly still be hungry I sent Andy to make me a cup of coffee. Half an hour later I raided the fridge and ate 3/4 of a chocolate orange. Then I felt sick...having forgotten that my eyes are way bigger than my belly at the moment.

Today I got up, did some cleaning and then tried to get into work in time for my 1pm start. However, the weather had other plans and my car couldn't get through the snow. After snaking about all over the road and my car coming to an eventual stop, I rolled it backwards down the hill and abandoned it on the road outside the house. I rang work and announced that I'd take the afternoon as holiday - and then not 10 minutes later the snow plough and gritter came past! So, I cracked on with a hybrid scrapbooking project for my soon-to-be-released Valentines themed digital scrapbooking kit and made a couple of layouts too, to add to the kit post.....and then it hit me....I'd forgotten to eat anything today! Argh!

No point eating now as it's only 2 hours until I get dinner, but seriously how can that happen? I have never in my entire life forgotten to eat!

What do you think of the hybrid project? It's a little bag of handmade valentines sweeties for Andy.


Shopper Gal said...

Louise, that's such a great pressie for Andy!! You're so thoughtful :)

(Shopper Gal)

Jennifer said...

So cute...I love that!

Amanda said...

I'm impressed with the project. Very creative. Now you just need to tell us all about the delicious goodies inside!

Hope you had a great dinner after forgetting to eat all day!

Adori Graphics said...

Glad you like the project :)

Had a lovely dinner thanks - burger at the local pub. Very nice too!

Madison said...

Cute project!

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