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Sunday, 28 June 2009

Sleep, breakfast, walking boots......check!

Well I've had a good night sleep, a hearty breakfast, got my walking boots on and now I'm all ready for church. For those who have read my blog for a while you might remember that the new church we have started going to has these epic length singing sessions at the beginning of the service. Anyone who is wondering what I'm on about go have a look here :)

Seriously the "hymn" is 30 or 40 minutes of constant singing - one song after another.....which is cool....but you do need comfy shoes and a good breakfast to be able to survive the experience LOL. later


Deb said...

You're so, how was church???

Free Blog Makeovers by Adori Graphics said...

I'm really loving it actually now that I've found the magic formula for surviving the sing-song :) The singing lasted 50 minutes today...but we survived. Have you had a good day?

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