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Monday, 29 June 2009

Of all the luck :)

Well of all the luck…..remember the post I made on Friday about me messing up a test at work? Well of all the luck….I had a look through all of the parts this morning – fully expecting to have to do some major detective work to figure out which parts were from which test. Guess what I found? Somebody had already etched a really tiny reference card number onto the part before it had been tested – so it was obvious which card went with which part. This is really unusual because the technicians never do this! I am so grateful to whichever technician went that extra mile – because its only because of him that I can complete my report. Hopefully I will have learned my lesson now.


Deb said...

Ain't God good?!?!? I bet you said a little prayer before you headed to work that you would find it...and He answered your prayer!!! So...sitting thru 50 minutes of song was worth it!!! ha! ha!

Free Blog Makeovers by Adori Graphics said...

I must admit - I was wondering if Him upstairs had something to do with it :)

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