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Monday, 8 June 2009

A few ramblings - but nothing specific

Well not much is happening here which is just the way I like it really. We went to this new church again yesterday for the second time and I’m still making my mind up about it. Remember how I’m a bit people phobic (face to face wise)? Well yesterday people came across as a bit more pushy and wanting to get us involved. I do realise that we can’t stay wallflowers forever but I’m just not ready to meet Agnes and Bertha at the coffee shop yet – know what I mean? Does that sound terrible? Its lovely (and appreciated….even if it doesn’t seem like it) that they are trying to make us feel welcome but yesterday I kind of asked the Pastor if he would accept our wish to be wallflowers at the moment. We will get more involved eventually but for now were just finding our feet and comfort zone in this new place. This church has 800-1,000 people in the congregation every Sunday so I hope this puts it into perspective and explains why somebody who is a bit social phobic might take a while to settle in.

Last night I prayed that we will be happy in our new home (this new church) and thanked the Lord for bringing so many wonderful people into our life. I also thanked him for the people that I’m getting to know through my blogs and prayed that everyone who is struggling in the recession comes through it stronger than they went in. All of you who are struggling right now – you are in my thoughts and prayers :)

Work is work and is incredibly busy as we are doing more work with less staff. We’ve also just been made aware of a new product issue which is probably going to see us working even harder. Its ruthless out there at the moment and with so much back-biting and blame-projecting going on at the moment its just miserable there. I do really love my job but the atmosphere and lack of trust is hard to ignore at the moment. Plus I’m still finding it hard to forgive my employer for making hubby redundant. I hate to feel this as traditionally I do tend to forgive people….but I’m struggling right now with the forgiveness thing.

There’s not really anything else to report here as I’ve already said most of it at my Credit Crunch blog. Please feel free to go have a nosey there :)


Deb said...

Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog!!! I agree we are our own worst enemies, and I've been critical of "me" for years...I think I inherited that trait!!! I love, love, love, your flowers on your background. I seem to be drawn to those colors, too. Love reading your sweet blog posts...I'll be back!!!

Free Blog Makeovers by Louise said...

Aw bless that's lovely Deb :) I'm glad you like the flower background. I think I might of posted it on my Adori Graphics blog - it had quite a few downloads if I remember rightly. I enjoyed reading your blog as well - so much of it seemed to strike a cord with me. I'll be back to yours as well :)

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