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Friday, 26 June 2009


Well that really is just terrific – I just messed up a long and expensive test at work.

It must be eons (ok so that’s not an engineering term – but you know what I mean) since I did this particular test at work. When these broken test parts come into the lab they have a piece of paper attached to each fragment. I have to assign a sample number to all of the fragments (from the same packet)_ and then write the same number on the piece of paper. Its not exactly rocket science! So anyway I etched the sample number onto my fragments and then plonked them all into a big vat of Powerclean to soak over the weekend. It was at that moment I realised that I hadn’t written the sample number onto the corresponding piece of paper. So basically there is now no way of knowing which sample is from which test. I can kind of remember which order I took them out…..but its going to take some investigating of Sherlock Holmes proportions to figure out which test is which.

Sometimes I astound myself how stupid I can be!


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