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Tuesday, 16 June 2009

I'm rambling again

Gosh what a manic week! I’ve got many new blog designs in progress at the moment and they’re sure keeping me busy….which is just the way I like it.

I haven’t really got anything new going on at the moment….nothing remotely exciting anyway. Andy has gone into Leeds this morning for an interview with a recruitment agency – poor thing is going to be roasting alive wearing a suit in this weather.

In other LESS exciting news we have been measured up for some new windows as ours have been desperate for replacement when we moved into the house 2 years ago. If Andy gets a job soon we can use his redundancy money to get them. If he doesn’t – well at least we now know roughly how much money we would need to save up to get them. Please pray something comes up soon for him because he’s bored silly at home all day.

My sister is coming at the weekend. That should be fun although I’m kind of feeling a bit pressured. It’s a long story but I’ll share it anyway. Basically I became a Christian when I was about 12 years old. As I got older I kind of strayed a bit but still believed in God and prayed most days. But as I’ve got even older I’ve started to see the peace that Christians have in their life with fully trusting in God. I’ve recently (well a few months ago) started trusting fully in Him again and now seek to follow the path that God wants me to go down. The thing is my sister is a lifelong Christian and whilst she is very comfortable discussing her thoughts and feelings generally it is TOTALLY out of my comfort zone to do so…..especially with my sister. Couple this with the fact that really Andy did not have the privilege on being brought up in a Christian household and never went to church….so our recent talk about faith and church is still VERY alien to him. So I am feeling totally pressured that she’s going to want to talk non stop about religion…..which would be fine but its out of my comfort zone talking about it with my sister (until recently we didn’t really get along).

Talking about religion – we are still going to this new church and I’m still not sure how things are going. I’m still not really wanting to mix with people although I do kind of enjoy the lively informal atmosphere there. I’m just really struggling with the whole having to be friendly with strangers thing….you see I’m a naturally anti-social person really… really! Don’t get me wrong we have met some lovely people….but I just need longer to warm to them before I feel comfortable. I’m also unsure about the way the service is delivered. I chose this church because it is funky and modern and I knew there would be many people my age – but we have this 40 minute long hymn at the beginning followed by a 60-75 minute long sermon. And this is the problem for me… just needs splitting up a bit into hymn…sermon….hymn….sermon…..oh wait….that would be a traditional church service which I was trying to avoid LOL. On the other hand I do love their bookshop and have my eye on a wonderful study bible which I think I will be purchasing on Sunday. My sister is coming to check this church out on Sunday to judge the quality of the sermon. She’s concerned that I’m just not feeling the holy spirit at this one…..I think maybe that’s because I’m to busy feeling uncomfortable. Or maybe I’m just expecting to much? Oh I don’t know….I just expected to feel something different by now…..know what I mean?

I’m rambling so I’ll leave it there…..anyone still awake?


Deb said...

Nothing wrong with rambling...I feel I do that a lot on my own's very therapeutic, though, don't you think??? Thanks for leaving me such sweet comments. Seems like each day just brings some sort of rain...but the blessigs far outweigh the storms!!! Hope the visit with your sister goes better than you think. I shall pray that God will give her discernment in what she chooses to say...and even maybe use a muzzle if needed!!! HA! HA!

Free Blog Makeovers by Louise said...

That would be much appreciated Deb - thanks.

Yeah I kind find rambling therapeutic - helps me think.....and I like reading your rambles as well :)

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