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Wednesday, 24 June 2009

A peek into my world

As many of you know I am a mechanical engineer working in a metallurgy lab by day....and a blog designer by night. I am lucky in that I love my job and enjoy working with the most fabulous team.....ever. Anyway - this is a peek into my world - obviously I won't be disclosing the company details and any identifying marks have been removed :)

I took these photos a while ago but just re-discovered them.
I've also included some other random photos....I'll add some more later.

Inspecting a failed component - something that was returned under warranty

Putting a sample into the electron microscope

I love spending the day in a quiet dark room :)

My cat - Meg

My hubby


I love ships and cruising. This was taken last November in the Caribbean

I love sunsets - this one was taken from my study window

One of my favourite places is Yorkshire Sculpture Park. Its a few miles from where I live and its a huge park stuffed full of sculptures.


Deb said...

What an interesting job you have...and I understand about enjoying peace and quiet, so it's nice to have it on your job!! Thanks for posting a picture of yourself...I love to be able to put faces with "conversations"!!!

Free Blog Makeovers said...

So do I :)

I might even post some more - I have TONS of pics on this computer that you will soon be bored of them LOL.

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