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Sunday, 24 May 2009

New church - but I'm more confused than ever

We've been looking for a suitable church for a while and today we tried out the one that we thought was for us. I was so excited as its along time really since I was a regular attender at church. So anyway now I've been I'm really not sure if this one is for us or not - but today was the opening ceremony so maybe its not quite like that normally. The thing is I can't help but feel deflated as I was sooooo excited and yet now feel more confused than ever. I felt sure we would love this church. Maybe somebody who reads this might have some words of wisdom?

Anyway I'll start at the beginning. Normally I hate meeting new people and cringe in horror when you walk into a new church and get "barnacled". To be "barnacled" is what happens when somebody latches onto you and you can't shake them off. I am scared of new people so I'm not being awful when I talk about being barnacled.....I realise I am completely not normal in this respect. So anyway I decided that today I was just going to have to get over that and open up to these people and I did and I can honestly say we met some really lovely people. And it is these people who are probably the reason why I will go back and try this church again.

So onto the things I didn't feel so sure about......first of all it all seemed a bit commercial to me at first. Although thinking about it now I wonder if that's the reason how they could afford to build the wonderful building that is the new congregation hall. Maybe I will feel differently about it later. Secondly, the opening you want to call was a MAMMOTH 30 minutes long. I'm serious! I was getting hoarse and was gasping for a drink so goodness knows how the choir survived. And then we went onto a presentation which was actually rather nice. After that we sang a hymn and the oldies were encouraged to go meet the new people. Now bear in mind I have this fear if new people.....I actually really enjoyed this bit though. And just as we were about to leave............we realised t was only the interval! The real service was just beginning! So altogether the service lasted nearly 3 hours. This is another reason why I am not to sure if I want to go back.....3 hours just seems....well.....loooooong.

Having said that, the people were fabulous and the atmosphere was electric so I will try it again.

Anyone reading....what's your church like? How long is the service? And am I really terrible for being so unsure about this one?


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