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Sunday, 17 May 2009

Waste of a day

Well today was a real waste of a day. The weather was terrible and I just felt tired so we stayed in the house ALL day. How bad is that? Seriously I feel like if we don't do at least something over the weekend then we've just wasted it.

The people at the new church that we wanted to go to still haven't got back to our email and I'm wondering if their contact details are out of date. The website looks like it may be having an overhaul to celebrate the new building that they just built so maybe they are...dunno. The grand opening is at the end of the month so we'll probably just wait till then to join. Otherwise we'll be going to the current building (wherever that is) and then having to transfer. *Goes to check website*.....aha.....the new church opens next weekend by the look of it....and it looks amazing!

On the Eurovision side of things we ended up coming 4th. Norway won and I have to say I did prefer their song....and the cute wee guy singing it LOL.


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