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Thursday, 14 May 2009

Hectic day

Work was very hectic today as I had 5 hours of meetings and interviews, so I was very relieved to get home this evening. Some days especially when its back to back meetings all day) its really hard to switch off. But I'll be switching off at the pub tonight so I'm sure I'll manage it LOL. I'm meeting a friend I used to work and live with - I love catching up with old friends. Sadly they were neglected in the 5 years that I spent at uni and its taken me the 2 years after finishing to catch up with everyone :)

I've been having one of those bad dyslexia weeks this week. Not so much on the spelling and reading side of things as will modern IT packages its easy for me to carry on as if there's nothing home. At work though I have no such help and although they know I'm dyslexic I feel even more under pressure to try and prove there's nothing wrong. The last week has been difficult as we've been interviewing various people at work for a project that's just starting. 3 of us are doing the interviews and were all taking our own notes. But of course its difficult keeping up with the notes at the speed I need to take them. At uni it was no pressure as I had a dictaphone but at work were not allowed them. I did ok though and think I got most of it.


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