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Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Sooooo indecisive!

Well I've always been a little (oh...ok....ALOT) on the indecisive side but when it comes down to my blogs I am WORSE then indecisive!

I have 2 graphics blogs - the idea being that one of them for for my free makeovers for people who are living in difficult circumstances (illness, bereavements etc) was supposed to encourage them to write about their feelings etc. And then there was my second blog which is where I did my custom (paid for) graphics work.

Recently though I've decided to make all of my work free (at least for the time being). I mean - who in this day has money to spend on a blog makeover? I know I haven't! So now I'm undecided about what to do about the blogs? I thought about integrating them but then I still like the idea of keeping Write From The Heart separate to Adori Graphics as WFTH is basically a separate venture. Dunno really...what do you think? I think I'm going to keep them separate but I'd consider other opinions.

Actually one thing I do like about the Adori Graphics blog is that I offer instant "take away now" backgrounds there as not everyone wants a full custom makeover anyway. My backgrounds seem quite popular as I notice I have alot of downloads....not so many people wanting a full custom makeover though at the moment.

Oh well I'd better get back to work now and lunch time is ending and I have samples to inspect....oh the joys......actually it is a joy LOL.


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