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Friday, 29 May 2009

Nothing much to report

I haven't blogged (on this blog) for a few days as I've been busy doing a bunch of blog makeovers and haven't really had anything else to report.

Andy is still looking for work and the lack of help from the government is very frustrating. It seems that you can get LOTS of help to get back into work if you left school with no qualifications. That's great news for them but what about the many, many people who have gone through university and got a degree and professional job.....don't they deserve help too? I mean seriously? The government needs to do more to help those people that have paid so much into the system already. *Steps off soap box*

As for work well that's been very busy especially since our manager left and one of the lab techs got made redundant. That means we're doing more work, with less people and were getting ever tighter deadlines as well. So yeah that's kind of been a nightmare....but hey at least I have a job! I am grateful for that at least.

I had a talk to my hubby about his faith last night. Its kind of difficult to talk to him about as going to church was a new experience for him and he has so many questions that I can't answer. He doesn't seem to feel comfortable talking about it and I don't want to push it....but equally nothing would make me happier than if he said he was ready to committ to being a Christian. So anywayay we rumble on with that one.

I have my parents here this weekend and won't be attending church on Sunday but we plan to go next week. I hope that the next time we go something clicks for hubby and he starts to hear the message. It wasn't exactly screaming at either of us last week but I think we both felt so awkward with all the new people that it was kind of hard to relax.

Well I'd better go as I'm on my lunch break and its coming to an end. I have some wonderful (not!) titanium samples to inspect under the SEM this afternoon. Well at least I get to sit in a cold, dark room for the afternoon.....zzzzzzZZZZZZZZ ;o)


SassyEngineer said...

It sounds like y'all are going through rough times still, but I'll keep you in my prayers. Don't give up on God - he will provide!

Write From The Heart/Adori Graphics said...

Thanks for your kind comment> I do trust that God will provide for us and that's probably the only thing that I am certain of in these uncertain times :)

Enginerd said...

oh goodness i feel you on the work thing! my boss is going on maternity leave and we are going to me doomed when she leaves! i'm already working entirely too much and i know the deadlines are going to get worse. the life of an engineer, huh!?

Write From The Heart/Adori Graphics said...

I know....its getting a bit manic isn't it. We've lost 25% of our wokforce in our company but yet the work is still piling in....its insane!

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