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Friday, 15 May 2009

Thank goodness its Friday!

Today was another action-packed day at work and I'm feeling sooooo tired (and achey) tonight. I work in a materials lab and we occasionally have groups of school children and university students visiting us to either use our facilities for their coursework or have a tour around our and manufacturing plant. Today we had 2 groups of students from Manchester University who visited us to have a look at the plant and lab. Our plant is fairly large and spread out over 6 buildings on 2 sides of a major road. So I am completely worn out after doing 2 tours and answering numerous questions about our products and materials....but it keeps me in a job I guess so I won't grumble.

I spent the afternoon looking at some Titanium samples under the electron microscope. Anyone who has done that will realise what a frustrating experience it can be. I'll leave it at that as I don't want to bore you but needless to say I didn't achieve much! I hate days like that as I like to see steady progress in all areas of my work but Titanium inspection/examination is one area that I just can't get my head round as the material behaves so differently to everything else I'm used to. Well I live in hope as I guess I felt like that about Inconel not too long ago.

Hmmmm what else is going on? Not much really. I have an update for my credit crunch blog so I'll save that for there. There's not much to update really but some of the information might be useful to people who have been made unemployed recently in the UK.


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