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Saturday, 16 July 2011

The waiting game

Nothing major to report regarding the FIL situation really. He's had a few issues but he's no longer deteriorating and it's really a case of waiting...and then of course we see if he wakes up and whether he can control his own airway etc. At this stage they aren't sure if he's having seizures. From what I just saw of them the seizures don't look typical (they're focal, but too regular compared to what I've seen before...and they seem to be in synch with the inspiration trigger on his vent....very weird!). Even the ICU nurse wasn't 100% convinced they were true seizures but he's been started on seizure meds anyway. His liver function is a bit off and his blood pressure a bit low but neither are particularly worrying just yet. They'll try waking him up again tomorrow or Monday and if he can't maintain his own airway and/or he still has no cough reflex then they'll do a tracheostomy on Monday/Tuesday.

Despite him not deteriorating any further, the (possible) seizures and lack of cough reflex are worrying as both imply severe brain damage. Clearly I'm praying that it's temporary and that he has a good recovery. I know it's in God's hands and that whatever happens I trust in him. But I can't tell you how sad I'll be if we lose him or if he has seriously impaired function for the rest of his life. We have all tried so hard to keep him alive...the doctors...the (pushing the doctors for treatment etc)...but I wonder is it in FIL's best interests or is it our own selfishness because none of us want to lose this precious man? I just pray that the doctors hear God's guidance. That's all we can do for now.

So now, we continue waiting...

PS: I will continue working on designs in progress, respond to emails and continue blogging by next weekend. Please allow me some time to be with my family right now :)


Amanda said...

Praying for you and your family. Hugs, Amanda xx

Adori Graphics said...

Thanks Amanda - no change this morning....which is good...for now

Deb said...

Keeping up with you here and on Facebook...hang in there, dear're still in our thoughts and prayers.

Adori Graphics said...

Thanks Deb. The waiting is just horrible. This hurts as much as if it was my own dad for sure. Will update again tomorrow after we've seen him (no news today but things should be moving tomorrow). Thanks for the prayers xxx

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