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Friday, 29 July 2011

More random musings

Well yesterday was the funeral and it was pretty much as you’d expect I suppose. My sister in law raised an interesting point that funerals are strange things really. Think about it...the person grieve...and then in the following days the grief gets a little more bearable...then like 10-14 days later you have the funeral and by that point you’re pretty much doing your best to move on and managing reasonably ok...then you have the funeral and it’s like...WHAM!!! Suddenly you’re back at the beginning, taken back to the most grief stricken point and having to start the grieving process again.

When you put it that way it does seem almost barbaric to put yourself through that. But yet I don’t know of a suitable alternative other than trying to get the funeral as closed to the memorial service as possible...which over here is pretty much 10-14 days. I rest my case.

For me the most difficult thing about FIL’s death is that he wasn’t a Christian (in fact he probably bordered more on being an atheist) so I find that hard to resolve. I prayed right up to the very end that in his final moments of lucidity he found God. Very few people in Andy’s family (and my own) are Christian and it does make dealing with death so much more difficult. I mean if the person who died was a Christian at least I could get some comfort from the fact that the person was in heaven.

Onto other things, I am off to the Isle of White on a business trip for 3 days next week so will be out of action most of next week. I already have a backlog of emails to respond to, but I’m simply refusing to stress about it :)


Jennifer said...

I am sorry! Which seems like such a little thing to say. I agree about funerals really throwing you back into grief. Grief is a funny thing in its own right, such an unpredictable time table and each person deals so differently. I hope your business trip provides just the right amount of distraction.

Adori Graphics said...

Oh yeah it's distracting enough LOL. Hope things are fine with you - will be updating on the rest of the self esteem thing at some point. Just been a little side tracked lately!

Deb said...

I guess it's easier "over here" because the funeral service is within just a few days after the death. As for your F-I-L not being a CHRISTian....oh, that is hard to get past. I'm so grateful that both you and Andy have accepted Jesus...and you each have the assurance of where the other will spend eternity, if anything should happen!!! Hang in there, dear friend....God will get you thru....and has a great plan for you (Jeremiah 29:11-13)....HOPE you have a great trip!!!

Adori Graphics said...

I know, I just hope that FIL did accept Jesus before it was too late because the alternative is just horrible :'(

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