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Monday, 25 July 2011

The age of innocence gone forever?

One of the things I liked when I went to Norway recently was the way that it had an old fashioned charm about it. The people were the most open and friendly people I have ever met in my life, people threw litter in the bin, people seemed more polite and caring  and everything just seemed so...innocent. In many villages we were told that people don't need to lock their doors at night!

And now this maniac Anders Breivik has gone on a killing this the end of innocence in Norway? Has he spoilt it for everyone? How many generations of parents will feel vulnerable sending their children to summer camp now? I think the consequences of this will be far reaching and to be felt for a very long time. It's so sad. My heart goes out to everyone who lost somebody, or was injured or had to witness it. May you and your loved ones find peace once again in your beautiful country.

Norway - a country of beautiful scenery and warm, welcoming people...except Anders Breivik of course


Diane said...

Hi Louise, I saw your post at DST and just wanted to drop by to say hello. I'm also in the UK, Kent.

re: Norway, I completely get that too. I lived in Oslo for 4yrs many years ago so I understood exactly what you said.

Anyway, good to meet you especially another UK designer. Keep in touch.x

Louise said...

Hi Diane, lovely to meet you too! I think the number of UK digiscrappers is growing but it still appears to be rare that I stumble across one LOL. I know another digiscrapper (and kit designer) from Kent actually.

Norway was absolutely beautiful - I would live there tomorrow if I could. The people, the scenery...everything was just perfect for me. Now if only I could speak Norwegian and didn't like Yorkshire so much, I may actually be tempted to follow my dream and move into the mountains of Norway.

What's your user name on DST? I have a terrible memory for names and things!

Take care, Louise x

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