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Wednesday, 1 July 2009

What is the world coming to? & good news

You know I do worry when people seem to value money more than friendship and meeting like-minded people. Here - let me explain what it is I'm getting in a tizz about this time.

There is a blog designer called the design girl and she does some pretty awesome designs. Ok she doesn't actually make the graphics as far as I'm aware (she gets the blogger to purchase kits -which she then re-arranges into headers etc) but that aside she definitely has a talent for a good layout. Occasionally I comment on her blog to encourage her if she's sounding unsure about something - like when she asks if design A or B looks nicer. But then she's started comment moderation and over the last few days when I've commented she's basically published everyone's comments except for mine. And they were lovely comments as well - in one I complemented her on her photography (she's new to it) and said she had a real flair for it....on another she asked which logo design looked better and I chose one and gave reasons why.

The only reason why I can think that she would delete my comment is because I'm a blog designer. So if that's the case (and I'm 99.9% sure it is as we've never had reason to fall out as we don't even know each other) then it seems obvious that this person is putting money before friendship and such. I find that a bit uneasy to be honest.....and sad. What a sad heart it must be that values money more than people.

The worst thing is that this other blog designer doesn't even target the same audience I do so there isn't even any competition. She targets people who can afford to pay a fortune for a makeover whereas I attract mostly people who can't afford to pay a fortune or who blog for therapy. She makes her designs from kits and I mostly (90% of the time) make mine from scratch (photographing textures etc) - mine don't look quite as good IMO but then I think mine have the hand-drawn/personal touch....again....attrracting a different kind of blogger who appreciates that.

Anyway I just needed to get that off my chest. Thankfully my bloggy friends value friendship and niceties :)

Oh and on other good news.....hubby became a Christian yesterday. I must admit I had sometimes doubted if he would make the leap as he just seemed so skeptical of it at times. So yeah - great news!


Stacey said...

Thats exactly why she is deleting your comments. She doesn't want you taking her business! Your designs are just as good as hers!

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