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Friday, 17 July 2009

Baptism thoughts

Andy and I have been talking about getting baptised. Neither myself nor Andy are fans of crowds and, although our church does baptisms a few times a year, they are in front of 800-1000. For somebody with an intense dislike of crowds and being the centre of attention….that’s just waaaaay too many people. My sister has offered an alternative, which Andy and I are thinking about. She said her church sometimes do baptisms in a local river and she’s going to ask the Pastor (who just happens to be her friend’s hubby) if we can have a small baptism there. That would be nice as although I don’t know the Pastor, I do know everyone else there, including the Pastor’s wife. I’m not so sure Andy is very keen as really he wants a church baptism with just me, him and the Pastor….and I can’t see that happening. I’d like to accept my sister’s offer, but I’d like Andy to do it with me…for his sake not mine.


Deb said...

Baptisms are very least in my opinion...and it's the outward sign of inward renewal!!! I can understand not wanting to be in front of a crowd that large. I was baptized in a huge creek when I was 11 years old, along with about 6 others!! I vote for the river baptism...just like Jesus!!!! that you FINALLY put a pic of yourself on're beautiful!!!

Free Blog Makeovers (Adori Graphics) said...

That's exactly why I fancied the river one....more authentic :)

As for pictures of me - well I hate photos of me but thought it was time I posted some LOL

Ashley said...

i always thought getting baptized in a river would be cool. I was baptized in church. However my church did not have near that many people attending, but i was worried about all the people watching me.

i dont blame for wanteing Andy to do it with you, if it is somehting you discussed together you should do it together.

maybe talk to your pastor and see if he would do it for yall alone, what about eveing services... i know they tend to be smaller??

Free Blog Makeovers (Adori Graphics) said...

Our church doesn't have an evening service but my sister also suggested asking the pastor for a smaller private baptism. The thing is I don't want him to think I'm ashamed or something - its just simply that I don't want or need the bells and whistles. Its like having a £50,000 wedding when all you are interested in is making the commitment....if you know what I mean

Ashley said...

I know exactly what you mean.

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