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Thursday, 30 July 2009

I'm lovin' it

I'm loving this new laptop - even if it does has Vista. You know I must admit that I hadn't heard ONE good thing about Vista - and coupled with the fact that I had to go out and buy new graphics software as well had really just emphasised that Vista is...well without being very polite.....crap rubbish.

So imagine my delight when I found all these really cool features that my graphics tablet now has - all thanks to Vista. So now I never even have to touch my keyboard when I'm making graphics for my blog makeovers which will be so much less annoying - so who cares if I can't alter any settings or find any of my files?!

Anyone else use Vista? What do you think of it?


Stacey said...

I have vista, and I don't notice a difference. I don't do all the stuff you do on it though, so I probably don't really count.

Ave said...

My sister has Vista and I don't like it much, but she loves it.

I'm happy, that it helps you with your makeovers.

Btw, can you put me in the waitinglist for some blog awards.

Free Blog Makeovers (Adori Graphics) said...

hi Ave, I can do the blog awards with the job of yours that is already in my queue. Just email me and let me know what you'd like I'm sorry its taking me a while to get to your job -shouldn't belong now though. Lou x

Anonymous said...

We had a rough go of it 18 months ago when we got a desktop with Vista. We kept losing the internet. Personally, I think our ISP was not ready for it and it was their problem. I have had problems with printer drivers and have also heard other negative comments from users. Now I'm okay with it.

What graphics software did you end up buying?

Free Blog Makeovers (Adori Graphics) said...

I ended up getting a newer version of what I already had - paintg Shop Pro. Its great for graphic's and its relatively inexpensive compared to the likes of Photoshop! Actually do have Photoshop installed on a different computer at home but I hate it!

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