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Friday, 3 July 2009

How Time Flies...

You know I really can't believe how quickly 2009 has gone so far - its scary. I think part of it has to do with the redundancies announced at wor thatw e really couldn't plan anything more than a week or so in advance....and then when Andy lost his job that changed to living one day at a time. All of this living one day at a time just seems to have made time fly by. I also can't believe how much I have changed in this last few months.

Ok I admit I was initially devastated that Andy lost his job - I'm only human - but now I see that there is more to life and that I believe that actually this has happened for the best. You see Andy didn't really like his manager and would really like to have moved on but just didn't want the hassle of applying for jobs I think. I guess now he's been given the shove he needed he has the potential to find something he actually enjoys doing. Its also brought both of us closer to God and now I no longer worry about the job situation. You see I've handed it all over to God. I know that a job is out there for Andy and that when the time is right he will be led to it - in the meantime we pray for patience! But firmly believe that God already knows what Andy's next job will be and I just know that he has something really exciting in store for Andy.

I've also been looking for a more real or tangible experience with God. Don't get me wrong I know he's real and I don't doubt that at all - but it just doesn't seem to feel any different if you know what I mean. Then I stumbled across a verse (I should really have written it down!) which was basically saying that if you seek hard enough you will find God.....who was basically there all along. I think I have been looking hard enough - maybe I'm just not tuned into it yet. I have prayed for God to be more real to me and me to understand his presence. I guess its still ealry days as I was lost and out of touch with God for so long.

I have finished complaining about the hot humid weather - as today it is cold and wet.....very wet. Tomorrow I will be complaining about the rain no doubt.


Deb said...

I'm always so curious about your thoughts on Adori Graphics that I sometimes forget to pop over here and see what's going on!!! I don't know if you enjoy listening to comtemporary Christian music...but, even if you don't like the words to "Born Again" by Third Day....I think you'll love the lyrics to it, and it might touch your heart.

Free Blog Makeovers by Adori Graphics said...

I do listen to Christian music especially when I'm cooking although I've not heard of third day - I'll have to check them out. Thanks for the idea :)

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