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Saturday, 22 August 2009

Stirling Castle visit

Today was a lovely day...and our first with decent weather all day long. I bet some of you from abroad wonder why us Brits are fascinated with the weather...well its because its so flippin' annoying! If its not torrential rain, its howling gales and you can get 4 seasons worth of weather in 1 day, so you're always having to dress for any weather and carry I don't know how many coats around with you. Well anyway Scotland can make even the most chilled-out Brit pre-occupied with the weather! Today was glorious though and was perfect for viewing the beautiful vistas from the top of Stirling Castle.

The Wallace Monument, seen from Stirling Castle

We also went to a dedication for a friends baby - that was held in a local park and was absolutely beautiful. The baby's dad is the pastor of the church and decided to do a small dedication service for family and friends in this local park. It was glorious...and such a wonderful day to dedicate this young girl. I also got to meet many of my sister's church friends who were absolutely lovely :)


Anonymous said...

Garsh, the castle hasn't changed a bit since the last time I saw it. A comforting thought. ;-) You did have beautiful weather especially for Scotland. Photos are gorgeous.

The Blog Makeover Girl said...

Yeah I guess castles don't change much. The castle itself was a bit un-tastefully restored in my opinion but I guess that's preferable to not trying to restore it at all. Oh and the views were breath-taking.

writing4612 said...

Beautiful photos!

Jill said...

i wish we had gorgeous places like this in the states. swoooon, looks amazing!

The Blog Makeover Girl said...

Jill there are some beautiful buildings and monuments over there! Maybe not castles but there's forts and things. Oh and you have some amazing scenery over there too - like in your national parks. I'd seriously love to see some of that one day. Was supposed to see it this year but the credit crunch kicked in.....sniff sniff :(

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