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Saturday, 8 August 2009

I sooooo need a holiday

8 days until my holiday and I can't wait, I am so ready for a holiday. With my blog design "business" (if you can call it that when 95% of your stuff is done for free) doing AMAZINGLY well, I'm beginning to forget what its like to have any free time. I'm enjoying every minute of it though and its so easy to get carried away when you're having fun, but I'm beginning to feel exhausted and I think hubby is fed up of me always being on the computer. I can see his point, I mean lately my routine has been this....

7am - up and go out to work
5.30pm - home from work
5.30-6.30pm - cook and eat dinner
6.30pm - 8pm - respond to makeover request emails etc
8pm-12.30am - making graphics for makeovers

9am-12pm making graphics for makeovers
2pm-midnight - making graphics for makeovers

3pm - 8pm - installing makeovers
8pm-midnight - making graphics for makeovers

So yeah - pretty busy. Maybe hubby has a point?


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