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Thursday, 20 August 2009

Guess what the weather is doing?

Well today what started out as a washout with the rain soon turned into something a little sunnier. We drove up to Malleag on a scenic tour and even managed to get out of the car to take a few photos. Harry Potter was filmed in this area and we saw some of the hills used in the Harry Potter films. We even ventured onto the beach at a small cove and had a walk down there.
We're heading to Stirling tomorrow to spend some time with my sister before heading back to England on Sunday. Hopefully I'll have chance to update again from there.

Just a couple of pics today as I'm running out of internet time :)

Our hotel - beatuiful but weird

Hubby at the beach


Michelle said...

No wonder your hotel is "weird", it looks very gothic! Something I would expect some murder mystery movie to be filmed at. I pray your vacation is going well and that it be a time of bonding for you and your hubby!

Ashley said...

your hotel is beautiful... but i agree kinda scary maybe.... but i love see your vacay updat pics!! hope you r having a blast!!

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