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Thursday, 27 August 2009

Food.....gimme food.....real food!!!

I've been back from my vacation for 4 days now and I feel like I getting on top of things here. The laundry is done, the house is tidy (if not very clean...yet) and I've paid the bills. I'm also catching up with my graphic design stuff (the evening job) and I've almost caught up with my investigations in the lab (the day job) is plodding along nicely :)

I've started diet number 1,501 this week (well it must be at LEAST that number by now) and I have to say I'm feeling pretty low on energy right now. Normally after a few days I find that I have bag loads of energy, but all I have this time is heartburn, churning guts, a headache and bad breath. Sooooo not nice. Well, we'll see how things go when I weigh myself next week...presuming I'm still doing it by then. I hate diets, doesn't matter what the diet, I just find that its almost impossible to stick to it. And its not that I don't like diet-food, its more the food preparation side of things. I really hate cooking and after a long day at work I really really don't want to start cooking a meal...and I can't say I want to spend all of my weekend in the kitchen preparing stuff for in the week either. What I really need is a live-in housekeeper and chef....any offers?....anyone? One of my colleagues is having her birthday today and has brought donuts in...that will be hard. I don't really want to tell her I'm on a diet, but I don't really want to eat a full donut. Decisions.....decisions...oh heck, I need hubby here to eat half of it for me!


Ave said...

Eat the donut and then later take a little walk :D

The Thompsons said...

Don't tell her you're on a diet..just don't eat one will even notice. If they do..just say you're full! Don't let other people ruin it for can do it girl!

The Blog Makeover Girl said...

Ah well I ate the donut (didn't tell her I was on ANOTHER diet) and I just made sure I had a healthy dinner. So I feel like I did really well today :)

Deb said...

Of course I will mail you a flower pin if you're name is drawn!!! That's what friends are for!!! Even from millions of miles away!! HA! HA!

The Blog Makeover Girl said...

Awwww thanks Deb :)

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