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Tuesday, 31 May 2011


I'm sitting here with tears in my eyes and wondering "why"? The reason is this news report here.

Warning - video contains some information which you may find distressing (in fact I hope you do...this needs to stop!).

The sad thing is that I am not surprised by this at all. Many of you know that I used to be a nurse before I changed careers and I saw this kind of thing go on all the time - albeit on a more subtle level. It's a disgrace - it was then too. And the worst thing is nobody is/was interested! I remember at one point I did some agency nursing which saw me working night shifts as the only qualified person in the care homes. One morning I walked past one resident's room to hear a shouting match going on (a one sided one at that). fearing for the resident's safety I entered the room to find one of the care assistants standing over the resident shouting at her....and I mean PROPER shouting. I made her leave the room and reported my concerns.....nobody was interested. Personally I was horrified and the next time I had to work with her I put her on mostly laundry duty so that she wouldn't be near the residents. I was terrified at the thought of leaving her with them - especially knowing that I'd be to blame being the person in charge.

I just don't get it - I honestly don't. These are people's family, people (adult) children, the most PRECIOUS "thing" in somebody's life. You bet I feel angry! You see it's a job to them (not ALL obviously) - they don't see the privileged position they are in, the way that they have access to people's lives like nobody else. One day I hope they realise before it's too late.


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