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Thursday, 5 May 2011

About that trip...

I am feeling so refreshed after our trip to Scotland. I love the new, less grouchy me LOL.
It was fabulous to spend some quality time with my sister because for so many years we didn’t get on...and I mean that in the same way that potassium doesn’t get on with water. We were quite frankly an explosive mix! I won’t go into personal family stuff here out of respect for my family and their privacy, but let’s just say that I wasn’t a happy camper when I lived with my parents. My sister and I did nothing but bicker, but more so than the usual sibling rivalry I’d say. At the time, neither of us could understand the other siblings position and problems were just magnified by the fact that we were twins and everyone would compare us. FYI – if you have twin please (for the love of God) do NOT dress them in the same clothes and make sure they’re in different classes at school, or different schools. There is NOTHING more soul destroying than constantly being compared to your more talented, better looking, more gifted sibling!

Anyway, we both left home a few weeks after our 18th birthday – her to Scotland and I moved to a new county a 3 hour train journey away. I loved freedom and the opportunity to grow up to be who I wanted to be, but sadly my sister and I never did reconcile our differences until years later. Personally I think we’ve both missed out on an important part of each others lives, but we finally got our acts together in our thirties...better late than never.

We have been to Scotland every year since we made up and gradually we have been getting use to each other, although it was still a little like walking on eggshells sometimes. However, this vacation was different. This one was spent making new, happier memories and it was wonderful! There was lots of hugging, crying and poor hubby probably thought we’d gone mad at times, but it wasn’t strained at all and I really didn’t want to leave!

I’ll share some pics at the weekend :)


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