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Saturday, 28 May 2011

A few more pics

Here are a few more pics from Scotland...
the hotel
NOT the hotel :)     Actually it's Inverary Castle!
more from Inverary Castle
first signs of spring - don't you just love daffs?
some road on the way to Inverary - did you know "inver" means mouth? Well you do now :)
view from our hotel room window - isn't it great?
I have spent much of the week sorting out things for the course which I just found out that I have got a place on. I had to fill in forms for course fees - our company pay the fees up to £5,000 a year which is a BIG help to me. The form was pretty huge and I'm almost done with it except for negotiating some time off work to attend the lectures - only 3 days every 6 weeks. I am aiming to not have to work any of it back because having a rubbish memory and dyslexia makes it hard enough to learn without having to work extra hours at work as well. So far the company offer isn't acceptable to me so I'm still negotiating.

Other forms include applying for DSA (Disabled Students Allowance) as I need a new needs assessment and I need to see if the LEA (education authority) will give me permission to have one - and anything which the needs assessor thinks I need. I'm not sure I'm eligible as I've had the grant before but I have been told to apply anyway....what's another 30 page form on top of the others though eh? The allowance covers things like any software that I'll need such as things like speech to text software and dictaphones etc. I still have  a bunch of stuff from my last course so as long as it all works with Vista then I shouldn't need anything new at all....just the £400+ for the needs assessment.  I expect to have support in place in 6 months takes forever! So this weekend I will be busy finding all my old educational psychology assessments and stuff to apply for that.....looks like I'll be setting up camp by the scanner scanning everything in....must have about 100 pages to scan in so far!

Well I'll leave it there.....more photos later perhaps :)

Have a fun weekend everyone!


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