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Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Oh so tired

Despite not doing custom blog makeovers for 6 weeks now I have felt more tired than ever. I have no idea why I always feel like I'm burning the candle at both ends but I'm feeling just a little tired of always feeling tired now. It sucks.

I have been busily working away on some vector stock because I really needed to find a way to reduce the amount of time needed to cplete people's design projects. I just can't physically draw EVERYTHING from scratch any more, there just isn't enough hours in the day. So I have decided that when I eventually re-open my blog designs, I'm going to ask people to purchase image stock, like other designers do. Mine will work a little different though in that because I do some of my own image stock I can offer them cheaper - although I'll still be charging less money than other designers who produce good quality work.  Something's got to give because I can't continue to grind myself away to earn £1 an hour.

I've been feeling worried lately about hubby's job. He's on a 1 year contract and I don't know why but I have a feeling they won't be issuing another 1 year contract. I have no reason to think this, maybe I'm just getting cynical. I know that whatever happens God will provide for us, but still it's worrying. I think God and I might have a different idea of an acceptable standard of living...maybe I need to lower my sights LOL.*

Weight loss has been kind of static the last 3 weeks, but countless business lunches and social do's isn't helping. Agh!

*I'm saying this half tongue in cheek because I actually DON'T take my current standard of living for granted at all.


Jennifer said...

Sorry to hear you're still feeling so run down. My family was sick for nearly a month...we kept trading diseases...and I found myself so frustrated about being tired in that short amount of time. I can't imagine how you're holding on. I wish there was something I could do to cheer you up! Hang in's got to get better soon. PS...I love the new spring scrapbook kits and can't wait to have time to download and play!

Amanda @ Amanda & Millie Designs said...

Keep smiling. Life has a funny way of turning out and takes some expected turns sometimes. However, I've learnt now to go with the plan and follow where He leads. It's been an interesting ride these past two years and I'm liking where I am now much better than where I started at. Some money might be nice but hey I can't have everything... yet;)
Hadn't realised Andy's contract was just for a year. I'll keep my finger's crossed.

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