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Friday, 4 February 2011


I'm starting to feel that familiar run down feeling...the tiredness....the bad mood (because I'm tired)...the not sleeeping, despite being tired. I hate this, why does my body hate me so much? As soon as I do ANYTHING at all I just get so run down. I'm not whining (honestly), I'm just frustrated, this has been going on so long and I'm still getting no answers as to why my immue system is so rubbish.

Anyway, that's enough of that, I just HAD to get that off my chest!

This week has been a good week. I never managed to get to Weightwatchers this week, but I've started noticing little things that make me realise I'm on the right track. Things like, my lab coat at work doesn't just fasten, it fastens and leaves a couple of inches spare. this really is progress because that lab coat was made to measure and it fitted PERFECTLY....until the first time it was washed! The second time I wore it it was a good 4 inches smaller and looked like a second skin LOL. Now it's baggy and that makes me a happy woman!

I haven't got back on the treadmill yet as I'm leaving that for weekends, but I intend to go back again on Sunday - where I will try to beat my last session.  As for other exercise, I've been finding small ways of increasing it, like parking further away in the car park at work, using the bathrooms that are further away from my desk and doing more housework etc. Hmmm....maybe that's why I feel so run down this week?

I haven't made any recipes that are interesting enough to share with you this week, but I'll be sure to share something in the next week or two as I have a few ideas :)

In other news, my family are celebrating Christmas tomorrow, since proper Christmas was a washout with me just having had surgery and still being unwell. I can't wait, I haven't seen my dad since September and I didn't really talk much with my mum and sister when I saw them on Boxing Day because I felt so rough. we all just sat there doing our own thing, me sleeping, Andy running round after everyone and my mum and sister doing their own thing. It was a real disappointment as Christmases in my family are usually a big family affair! I just hope Andy is better, because all we need is Christmas number 2 ruined by more sickness! I've sent him to the doctor this afternoon and I hope he doesn't chicken out this time.

Well, I'll catch up with you all over the weekend, I might even share some pics of the family Christmas :)


Jennifer said...

Have a fun Christmas!

Tiffany said...

I sure hope you guys get to feeling better soon!!! And, enjoy your Christmas!

Debra said...

Well done with the weight loss.... It is indeed wonderful when you see the 'space' / looseness of a piece of clothing that used to be tight. I can certainly relate and encourage you to march on forward and achieve your goal.

Have a lovely Christmas ! xx

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