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Saturday, 5 February 2011

It's Christmaaaaaaas!

 Got the Christmas presents the food is know what this means?

It's Christmaaaaaaaaas!

Today we are going to my parents house to celebrate Christmas. It's a little late (long story) but I'm so excited. I love Christmas and I love family gatherings. I can't wait to see my dad who I haven't seen since June - he was working when my mum and sister came over on the day after Christmas.

I'm so so so a kid you might say LOL

Have a good day everyone :)


Amanda said...

Hope you've got crackers;-D

lulu said...

Oh wow this sounds ace...I'd love to celebrate Christams now...yum yum dinner :-) xx

Adori Graphics said...

Oh Lulu it really was ace :)

Forgot to take pics though grrrr

I will return your email tomorrow by the way - I haven't forgotten, just had a manic weekend!

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