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Friday, 30 July 2010

Family holiday disasters

They say you always remember bad things that happen to you. If that's the case, then me and Andy certainly have some memorable holidays.

First, there's the holiday where, as we were packing up to come home, the maid appeared in the doorway hurrying us along because she wanted to clean the apartment. We hurried along and on arriving back home, realised we had left ALL of my dirty washing in a laundry bag in the wardrobe. I'd bought a new wardrobe for the trip and the hotel never did respond to my email. I hope the maid enjoyed her new (albeit dirt and very smelly) clothes.

Oh and then there's the cruise that we went on in 2005...a fabulous trip to the Caribbean. We'd just got there and were unpacking the clothes. I'd put all of the clothes away and only had the t-shirts left to unpack. Andy passes me a stack of his t-shirts and I dutifully put them away in the wardrobe. "Ok, pass mine over" I said. "That's all of them" he said. Turns out he thought my t-shirts were his and had thought to himself as he was packing "I've got way too many t-shirts, better put some back" and basically left ALL of my t-shirts on the bed at home! I had to survive a 2 week holiday with the t-shirt that I was wearing, which was dirty - since I'd spilt my lunch down it on the plane - and a selection of his t-shirts. Thank goodness we're about the same size!

Ooooooh and here's one for you...we'd just arrived in Tenerife and was about to unpack the clothes...(there's a theme here, have you spotted it yet? LOL). I asked him to pass me the padlock key for the suitcase. At that moment, I remember leaving the key on the kitchen worktop and we had to get maintenance to break into out suitcase for us. For the return journey we bought some of those ones with the combination lock...and the lock mechanism failed so we had to break into the case when we got home too.

On our last cruise in November 2008, we were loading the suitcases into the car (on our way to the airport...yay!). It's 5pm and the shops are due to shut..and guess what? Our case falls apart and clothes start spewing onto the pavement. Eeeekkkk!!!! We had to dash to the shops to buy a new suitcase, on the way to the airport, and with the shops due to close...we met my mum and dad at the airport looking stressed and well ready for a holiday.

I'm just wondering what will happen this time LOL.

Talking of horrendous family trips, I was just reading this article on the BBC news website (so funny) and I especially liked this bit...
Particularly memorable was one journey to France aged six when a fellow passenger vomited on her leg on the ferry; with her clean clothes buried somewhere deep inside the family Land Rover, the senior Kennedys thought it wisest to clean her up at a public convenience when they reached the continent. Unfortunately, when they did so the young Emma managed to step into the squat toilet and cover herself in human effluent; she was so traumatised that she fainted and, as she recalls with a shudder, her parents then "had to wrap me in a bin bag, take me to a garage forecourt and hose me down".
Does anyone else have a funny holiday disaster?


Amy said...

We haven't gone on enough vacations to have any stories! You've had some bad luck in the suitcase/clothing department, haven't you?

Jennifer said...

Oh no...Kyle and I went to the Bahamas for our 10th anniversary and our luggage didn't make it with us. First day of vacation, I had nothing to wear but what I wore on the plane. Most of our luggage showed up that day, all but one bag. The day we left, he decided to inquire at the airport for the last bag while I checked in. The counter agent wouldn't let me check in without Kyle, so I stood near the counter waiting for Kyle. When he arrived with our last bag, the counter agent informed us that the flight was full. How do you oversell an 18 passenger plane when you know there are two passengers waiting? Then they decided to rush us to the concourse to catch an earlier flight...sorry they let that one leave even though they knew we were on our way! It took us a while...and some get off that island!

Haddock said...

Getting the maintenance to break into our own suitcase is the most depressing thing.

Amanda said...

Oh you do brighten my days!;-D

Woke up on the first morning of our honeymoon to find that I'd had an allergic reaction to the wedding eye make-up and spent the first few days of my honeymoon with bloodshot and oozing eyes. I looked like I was permanently crying! Not the way I'd imagined starting married life.

Not funny but typical was the first ever family holiday where we went to a hotel with the kids. Hotel, expensive, half-board, maid service (no cooking, no housework - bliss)... perfect until Dan slipped on the grass outside the hotel and put his teeth through his lip. We spent a large part of our holiday getting medical treatment, with an extremely swollen faced, stitched up and clingy tot who couldn't eat! He survived the week on strawberry milkshakes. We didn't dare go on holiday again for a few years after that!

Madison said...

Oh no! I do have a few holiday disasters that I'm planning to share in future Memories Rewind posts. :)

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