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Monday, 15 February 2010


Can I just say I'm almost in heaven right now? Normally I sit at my desk for lunch, but since work got really, really busy (instead of just really busy) after Christmas, I swear I have not had a single lunch time where I have not been interrupted by the phone, an instant message (of the work variety, not MSN) or somebody asking me something and taking up half of my lunchtime. So why do I stay at my desk you might ask. Well really there isn't anywhere else to go, except the staff canteen, and I like peace and quiet at lunch time. That and the fact that I like to answer personal emails and things at lunchtime. Anyway, I digress.....I'm currently sat in the staff car park tinkering with my new toy. Internet access AND peace & quiet...what more could I ask for?

Hey, this netbook even has a camera LOL. See? I really AM sat in the staff car park :)

PS: I may even get time to update my blogs now!


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