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Friday, 19 February 2010


Here's 12 random facts that you may or may not already know...
1. Online I appear to be really extrovert and confident but in real life I'm quite the opposite. In fact, good luck every trying to meet me because chances are I'll chicken out LOL.
2. I can take or leave pizza and ice cream...I have to be in the mood
3. I love maths and science
4. I FINALLY passed my driving test when I was 26
5. I am TOTALLY tuneless. And I mean totally!
6. I am a twin - my twin looks nothing like me
7. I don't drink alcohol except maybe once a year...I just don't like it. I have never been bothered about being one of the crowd so I don't feel the need to keep up with them.
8. I'm currently thinking about my next car - which I will get once Andy gets a job - I was thinking of a Vauxhall (Opel) Corsa as I've had one of those before and loved it.
9. I still feel guilty that Andy was forced to sell his beloved sportscar so that I could go to university. He'd wanted that car for years and had it less than a year :(
10: I have 1 ovary and tube thanks to one of two cancer scares that thankfully turned out ok in the end!
11. I'm scared of telephones...seriously
12. My biggest fear is being lonely when I'm old - stems from having no kids I think


Deb said...

You and your sister do look alike, too. You need to crop that pic and use it as your profile's sooooo good!!!

MadeInCanarias said...

You look so gorgeous!:)

Stacey said...

Very interesting! Why are you scared of telephones?

Adori Graphics said...

LOL...Deb...not a chance...she'll probably do her nut if she sees it here. Not sure if she reads this blog...

Thanks Ave!

Stacey, I'm just rubbish at understanding what people say on the phone so it makes it really difficult :(

Regina and David said...

Enjoyed your list. It's good to know more about you. This is my first visit to your personal blog and I enjoyed it. I'll be back!

Adori Graphics said...

Please do Regina - I do try to update it when I can, but not many people come by...sniff sniff

Ashley said...

I have so been meaning to comment on this post since i read it, but i read it in reader so i didnt do it that day so here goes... I had no idea u were a twin.. yall look a little it alike!! BTW i love the picture of you 2 alsoe too cute!!
btw i left you an award on my blog it should post tomorrow check back!!

writing4612 said...

I didn't know you were a twin. It has its good points. :) Love that picture of you!

PaperFlora2 said...

the minute I saw that picture I thought "are they twins?" afraid of phones???

how sweet to sell his car so you could go to school that is a very sweet guy :)

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