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Tuesday, 26 April 2011

And we're off!

Suitcases packed...check
Cat sorted...check
Hotel booked...check
House sitter sorted...check

Well it looks like we're finally ready for our trip to Scotland! Remember this is our annual trip to see my sister? She lives about 6-7 hours away near Stirling - and is lucky enough to live nestled in rolling hills and beautiful fields. See here - this was taken on our last trip. Beautiful isn't it?
The eagled eyed among you will have noticed the Wallace monument on the top of the hill...well worth a trip if you're ever in the area, as is Stirling Castle.

Anyway, onto other things as we're only at Stirling for 2 days...we're actually staying near Loch Lomond...another beautiful place. This one was taken on last year's trip. Hard to deny that God produces the most beautiful handiwork isn't it?
So anyway, once I get back from this trip I'll be super busy as I'll be re-starting the blog designs, albeit with different conditions and in reduced numbers. I just can't keep up with the number of makeovers that I was doing in the past, but in some ways that's good - instead of getting a production line kind of layout, customers will be getting one that I've taken my time with and produced something that truly fits the individual and their needs. Quality over quantity I always say :)

May 11th is going to be a scary day for me too (in terms of commitments at least). A Masters has been on the cards for some time now, since I graduated with my last degree anyway. However I've been kind of non committal about the whole thing. I've wanted to study but been enjoying the designing too much, but basically I can't get out if it any longer! On11th May work are sending me to meet with tutors of a Masters course at university. Eeeeek! Places are very competitive so I'm not holding my breath, but if I do get on, then the designing is going to have to be confined to vacations :(   Will cross that bridge if/when it comes to it. It's just scary thinking about how to free up the time and the finances to do it. It's not like work contribute much in terms of either of those and yet they reap the benefits....which kind of makes me wonder why they have so much leverage over me doing the course really. Once I'm finished I'll have about another £10K on top of my current £30K student loan....maybe that's the scary bit! You younger ones out there make sure you go to uni when Bank of Mum & Dad are paying for you cos it's sure expensive when you're paying for it yourself! LOL.

Ok well I'll see you all in a week!


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