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Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Feelin hot hot hot

Andy & I are BIG lovers of hot and spicy food...probably me more than him. We're always on the look out for really hot chili sauces and things and today we found a pretty decent one. We got some Louisiana Pepper sauces in jalepeno and habanero flavours and we were impressed by the heat, but seriously could have gone hotter LOL. We've been watching that Man Versus Food program where he eats all the really hot food and it's been giving us some ideas....particularly for a trip to Charleston SC which was featured on the program. There's a place there that does really REALLY hot food and has this challenge too...I gotta go LOL.

So, this is it....Louisiana Pepper sauce....burning the mouths of unsuspecting people since 1920 ;o)
Really, really tasty with chicken :)


Michelle said...

You would get along with my step-dad. He likes things spicy. Foods I have seen grown men cry over, he eats like it was pudding. I'll have to tell him about these sauces, if he hasn't already heard of them.

PS: How does your stomach handle these. Mine gives out with just one bite of jalapeno.

Jennifer said...

eeek...I think my husband would like this but it would be too much for me. He's on a mission to increase the heat my mouth will take LOL...but he hasn't gotten very far :)

Amy said...

I love hot food, too. My husband? Not so much. But I am always happy to try really hot sauces, so I'll have to try this one. I've seen it at the supermarket. We're also huge fans of Man vs kids especially. They actually met Adam Richman at a baseball game recently, and they were thrilled beyond belief.

Adori Graphics said...

Michelle - my stomach is fine with it...thankfully!

Jen - wimp!

Amy - Cool that you got to meet Adam! The website is pretty good - some mouth watering stuff on there LOL

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