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Wednesday, 16 December 2009

LIfe is crazy busy..just for a change

Well life has been crazy busy here in the lead up to Christmas. We finally have the Christmas shopping done, the tree is almost up...well we've dragged it out of the attic and are busy psyching ourselves up to decorate it LOL. And last night we even went carol singing...but I'm telling you there is no Christmas spirit in our all. BAH HUMBUG has nothing on where I live. We have a lot of old and unwell people in our town who haven't been able to get to church lately so we went to their houses and sung carols and spread some Christmas spirit. It was sooooo lovely to see their faces and how they loved every minute of it. It was truly very emotional and I am sooooo glad we went along (even if reluctantly at first). Then we went to some of the regular houses in the neighbourhood....the ones with no Christmas spirit. Gosh those people....I could feel them sucking the life out of us. We joined another bible study group to do this, so we got to make some new friends too. There's 1 lady in particular who I would really love to meet again....we just know?

Well I'd better go, the day job is about to start for me, then onto the evening job and then onto the graphics job. Did I mention we have now lost our unemployment insurance payout because andy was a day late getting his papers signed? Long story and something that was out of our control so lets hope the appeal is upheld. So that's us having to pay the mortgage now. Just one more blow in a whole bunch of bad news that seems to be unstoppable lately. You know, we are very ready for some GOOD news after 12 months of worrying. I feel like I've aged about 10 years this joke :(


Michelle said...

Stay uplifted Louise. We are usually attacked when we are closest to Him. Especially now when we celebrate Jesus' birth, I know how easy it is to feel defeated and lost. I have been praying for you and Andy and hopefully the New Year will bring new possibilities.

The Thompsons said...

Hang in there girl..times will get better...did hubby not have any luck at that last job interview?
Love the caroling story..I'm glad you went along too! hmmmmm maybe I need to go knock on some neighbors doors around here?

Adori Graphics said...

Thanks you 2 it is much appreciated. Andy found out today that he didn't get the other job :(

We'll be heading out of town in the morning to another job interview - just a stones throw from France LOL. Thankfully the job is where we live though. I'll let you know how it goes...

(((hugs))) Louise x

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