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Sunday, 20 December 2009

Its very nearly Christmas....

...and I'm sooo excited already. I can't wait to be spending Christmas with my family...I don't see enough of them with them living so far away. My closest relatives (my parents) live about 120 miles away and my sister lives about 400 miles away so its really difficult to get everyone together, especially since dad still works full time and doesn't get Christmas off. Mum managed to get Christmas off this year, that must be twice now in the last 10 years...but she is semi-retired so I think its fair she started getting some Christmases off.

Anyway.....onto Christmas, we are going to this event tonight and it sounds really good. I'm so excited because I just LOVE our church choir. We went carol singing with them the other day and I just loved getting to know them better. Unfortunately I am a terrible singer so I have zero chance of EVER making it into the choir *sigh*. I'm looking forward to this Christmas party though :)

We have no tree or decs up yet....anyone else still not got theirs up? I love Christmas but just can't be bothered to unpack that tree.

Its snowing outside again, for the third day running. And they talk about global warming, are they serious? I hadn't seen snow for 13 years before last year. Here's some nice pics of the snow at our house.


Shana said...

I just love that you call them wheelie I wish we had some snow.

Adori Graphics said...

LOL what do they call them where you live?

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